Laura Evacuation and the Gift of a Grant for a Horse Trailer!

Just to share a little bit of our journey the past week (9/2020) when Laura was on a “unknown” path….and to give light to all of those who are helping to make miracles come true in life and who are proving there is more good and love and light than anything else in this world. I’ve had an evacuation plan for the herd since we moved to our space on the coast in Seabrook, TX. But it was a bit hodgepodge and pieced together. From having to drive to the College Station area to borrow my uncles trailer to making a couple trips to get horses to his land and goats and dogs to their evacuation location in La Porte. 

Well, as life would have it, a beautiful soul and I reconnected about a week before Laura became a “thing” and asked if I could rescue her goats. She came out to see my spread because I said to rescue any more goats we needed a dog shed to free up space in goat sheds. So Laure Baldwin came out with her partner Tom and they came up with a plan to help us make more space to rescue a couple more goats. I was already thinking that was very generous of them to offer and we left with a plan. Well then Laura comes into the gulf and before she even got past Cuba Laurie was texting me saying she had a local place in Pearland we could bring the horses to….way better than driving them 3 hours in the heat. Then she said she had a trailer we could borrow, but she knew we had 4 horses and hers could only haul 3. So she does another miraculous thing and asks a friend if he can come get my herd in his rig and haul us to her place so we can feel safe in case the storm heads our way. The person she connects me with comes and gets all 4 of the horses and helps us load them (not a easy task when for some of the horses it was only maybe their 2nd time in a trailer and Sam is barely halter broke) and drives us to Laurie’s place in Pearland. 

Then Laurie says we can borrow her trailer to get the goats and dogs to their evacuation home in La Porte (another Angel by the name of Suzanne Bass who has always offered to let our goats and dogs come evacuate to her place) which is such a gift because again it saved us a trip and back to borrow the trailer we usually have on hand if needed. So all of this falls into place within a couple hours and it all just flowed perfectly with so many synchronicities that I knew it was what we were meant to do. Regardless if Laura came through to us or not, the point that came across to me is when you need to be taken care of, life will always have the perfect fit and it may not always look like what we have a “plan” for. And we learned a lot from this evacuation. Mostly exactly what kind of trailer we need that will fit our herd best (which is not the one I was leaning towards). And …oh! Laurie just happens to tell me when we’re evacuating Monday that she knows of a grant we can apply for that could help us get our trailer!

So amongst the chaos and uncertainty in why things are unfolding as they are is the beauty in that it is always unfolding perfectly. And if we can flow with Life it will always flow with us. Words do not express the love and gratitude in my heart for everyone to selflessly put their needs aside to care for our herd. From volunteers who came to check on things when I couldn’t be there who were also doing their own evacuation prep to those who took our fur babies in and cared for them as if they were their own. I am BLOWN AWAY at everyone’s HUGE HEARTS in all of this.

Even though I had to let go and just trust, and be braver than I wanted to be (and the herd did too when loading in trailers and going somewhere new) and trust the care of the herd to others, it was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life because I got to see just how truly phenomenal the human race is. Strangers coming to help us when they had no idea who we were and giving selflessly of their time and resources.

I was humbled that day and still am as that was a experience that will never leave me. A lot was gained and a lot was learned and I was also reminded that if it’s meant to be, it will be. It’s just that easy. We have the choice to surrender and go along or not. Thank you for sharing in our journey with us. We are grateful to be back and sharing our love with the world. We know you will find miracles too in each moment as they are always there. 💜💜💜

Here is an awesome picture of one of our Angels, Laurie Baldwin (who…on a funny note…used to be the owner of Red Dunn Ranch, which is where I went to volunteer when I first began on my journey of healing through horses back in 2006!! Crazy how life  circles us back around!) with Timber in the background. And one more of the herd enjoying Laurie’s place while on evacuation which was more like a Vacation for them with all of the beautiful grass. 😜Thank you again Laurie (and to all of the others) for all that you selflessly and so thoughtfully did for us. We are paying all of this love forward and we’ve got A Lot of Love to give. 😍

AND an update since I wrote this post….we received a grant from Houston Jewish Community Foundation that will allow us to purchase a trailer for our herd! WOOOOHOOO!!!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

We are paying it forward.


Author: Angela Hoover

16 Hands of Love was created out of my calling/desire to help the children I served as a teacher in a different way. When I was guided to leave teaching, I asked "what's next?" and was reminded of my desire to help others through the use of horses. I had the calling but was unaware of "how" it was going to unfold (or I thought I knew and was guided down a different path). I thought I would go back to graduate school and become a counselor and do traditional counseling and therapy with horses. Boy was I wrong, I followed my heart and ended up at Equinisity in Canada and was awakened on my spiritual path by the amazing horses and land there. I knew it was my "time" to awaken to my truth and am now being called to help with the awakening that is happening in our world. My passion lies in being outside in nature and in the company of horses while helping children, adults and families to become more heart centered and connected to nature.

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