Goats and Revelations…Part II

Who would have known that Lucy’s passing would have been so pivotal for us in our journey?

But it comes as no surprise in what she brought with her energy. She shook things up. Kept us on our toes and owning our truth. 

You see, Lucy bounced back from these ‘episodes’ after she was “accidentally mated with” by a temporarily fostered Billy goat (it was her dying wish though).  She told me in her first bought of illness, immediately after being mated with, that it would be the death of her.

That was November and she didn’t pass until May 1st. She had a couple more bouts and the vets we consulted thought UTI but nothing seemed to work. So finally, after the 4th time of going through this, she told myself and an animal intuitive to “prepare” and she asked for a space that she could lie in that was her own and private. 

So we had the 3rd vet out during her last bought and at the end many of us thought she would bounce back but in the back of my mind I kept remembering her first words. 

Then, out of the blue I get a message about rescuing these 2 goats. Now, I get asked often to rescue goats and I always go with my intuition and also what I hear from them about it. I had been feeling 2 goats with horns for about 8 months but the ones I had considered rescuing before this hadn’t worked out but when these 2 new rescues (a pair and both with horns) came to me it was an immediate yes. A yes that comes without me even being aware of typing the message, yes. 

And before I know it I’m on the road to go get them. And this isn’t always how I do this, many times I sit and digest and give it space. Not this time. So as I’m on my way to get these two new rescues, I’m counting goats and thinking …I’m over my count. You see, I currently lease where we are located and have an agreement that I won’t go over my original count of rescued goats. I’ve had 8 and these two new boys put me at 9 but Lucy’s spirit kept saying, “Go! I am passing. I know I seem like I’m rebounding but go.”

So as I’m on my way I remember to ask for a sign as I was a little confused at the urgency of this whole situation (from myself, not the person I’m rescuing them from) and right as I turn on the street to get the goats, a massive hawk is sitting perched on a wire. The hawk has been my animal totem since I began this journey in 2013. It brings me many messages and this time it was a huge TRUST message. A “keep going, you’re hearing correctly and on the right path” and I remember thinking, something is up. Something big is moving here. Pay attention. So I get the boys and another sign for me is that one is named Benny, I didn’t know that before I got them and that is my brothers dogs name. So just another reassuring sign. 

So I get them to our home, where we lease, and get them settled and not even 24 hours later I get the call that Lucy has transitioned. 

She tells me as I send her soul off in a blessing to hold onto her strength. To call on her as I need her and she really wanted me to know that her strength and courage is always with me when I ask for it. 

And within 3 hours her words of wisdom are put to the test. 

The barn owner didn’t realize I had some goats pass over the last year and that our new ones are just bringing us back to our original count and tells me that if I am to keep these new boys (or really to continue rescuing goats) that I have a 60-day notice.

Well. This might have been my wish in disguise as I’ve always known that we are to have our own land for us to create with and grow with as we need and to have full determination in who and what and how we rescue and serve. 

But I’ve kind of been holding on to one tree branch before I let go to grab another, in the sense of staying in a situation that no longer serves myself or the herd. 

Not really fully standing in my strength and courage or really fully honoring my TRUE self. And Lucy’s death prompted all of this. She prompted me to get the new goats, which ultimately catapulted me into standing in my power saying to the barn owner, I choose the 60-day leave notice over giving up any more of who or what we stand for at 16 Hands of Love, and ultimately to myself in following and honoring and trusting my honest knowing of what’s next for us and that we truly have reached our limits of growth where we are at and you can’t stay in the same situation and grow at the same time. 

So through all of this. Lucy had my back. She waited for the perfect moment to pass, she pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone and said, “get spicy! Be courageous! Take the leap before you know the next step.” 

And so we are. 

We have given our notice and we will be making a change in the next 60-90 days or so and we trust completely that the best and right next fit will be there. We’ve got Lucy power!

And for those who have followed us from our move before this one, the blog “Goats and Revelations” even said then “the goats are meant to go with us.” So when the barn owner said I can’t keep them or rescue any more, I didn’t hesitate to choose the goats. 


Author: Angela Hoover

16 Hands of Love was created out of my calling/desire to help the children I served as a teacher in a different way. When I was guided to leave teaching, I asked "what's next?" and was reminded of my desire to help others through the use of horses. I had the calling but was unaware of "how" it was going to unfold (or I thought I knew and was guided down a different path). I thought I would go back to graduate school and become a counselor and do traditional counseling and therapy with horses. Boy was I wrong, I followed my heart and ended up at Equinisity in Canada and was awakened on my spiritual path by the amazing horses and land there. I knew it was my "time" to awaken to my truth and am now being called to help with the awakening that is happening in our world. My passion lies in being outside in nature and in the company of horses while helping children, adults and families to become more heart centered and connected to nature.

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