My name is Angela Hoover and I started 16 Hands of Love out of a desire to help our children and world in a different way than what is currently being offered in traditional education.  Along this path I have realized that I am also helping our worlds animals in a way that views them as my equals and have been enlightened to the amazing healing abilities of animals and nature when truly honored and respected and looked upon with love.

16 Hands of Love provides a space where you can remember the love that you came from and the love that you came to be. Both children and adult sessions are available.  

Children/adolescent sessions include opportunities to be creative and work through “real life” situations that naturally present themselves when in the presence of animals and nature. A safe and calm setting is provided to help an individual handle their upset and work through a situation without judgment. Experiences are not limited to: mindfulness, painting, nature walks, meditation, learning how to take care of barn animals, etc. Above all, learning will occur organically and without judgment. Research shows this type of environment is wonderful for those working through ADD/ADHD, aggression, anxiety, autism, etc.
Adult personal healing and/or quiet meditation sessions are available with the horses in their time and space while in nature. An open heart is all that is needed to allow the horses to help you heal through whatever it is that life is presenting for you.
Spiritual awakening guidance is available if requested and healing through the use of horses and nature by raising vibrational energy and consciousness.
Please contact Angela at 281-948-0739 or Angela@16handsoflove.com to learn more and book your session. 

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