Goats and Revelations

This is a picture of Parker…posing for his first blog post 🙂

Let’s start at the end and we’ll work our way to the beginning…

Last Friday I walked into the barn thinking it was just going to be a quick visit and immediately Parker (a beautiful, kind and intelligent boer goat) met me at the pasture gate and said “we are meant to go with you,” (when the barn owner sells the home that the goats have now) this kind of caught me off guard because I had already decided that asking my husband to take two extra horses with us when we move to our new place was asking enough and that the goats would be called somewhere else…. as much as I hated the idea of parting with them, that was the answer I received a few months back.

I immediately felt more eyes upon me when I turned from Parker to see the other goats surrounding me and agreeing. I took a deep breath, and somewhere in my heart must have known they were right and said, “Okay, I need you to give me an answer of how this will happen and how I can support you because supporting a new baby, two dogs and a horse on one income is enough…..there has to be another way.” So I reassured the goats that I heard them and that I would do anything I could to keep us all together as a family because I know that their part in the healings that occur at the barn are just as important as what the land and horses offer. I told them to show me a way.

I walked out into the pasture and sat under my favorite willow tree and just soaked it all in, the beautiful dragonflies floating by, the little baby turtle heads poking up from the top of the pond (one even being brave and sitting on the surf board aerator in the pond!), listened to the sounds of nature and suddenly it hit me!

Write a blog! Hold fundraisers! Let the world know what you’re doing, there are people out there who want to support what is in my heart and what we offer at 16 Hands of Love and I also knew in that instant that it was time to begin the process of starting  a non-profit organization based on what I was already offering so that I can reach those (children, adults, families) who truly need this but might not have the means at this time.

So here I am, stepping out, trusting and excited for the journey ahead!

My intent for this blog is to reach others who believe in what we are doing at 16 Hands of Love and want to help our world to become a more heart centered world, residing in peace and love while treating each other, nature and animals with equality.  I hope to be an inspiration and am looking for support…in all ways…volunteers, financially, etc…and the next step is raising money to help me rescue and provide a home (acreage, food, healthcare, a barn, etc.) to our current family of 10 goats, 3 horses, a barn cat (if she chooses to come along) and possibly a chicken or two so that I can continue to offer outdoor learning and healing events and sessions for children and adults through the use of animals and nature.  Along the way, I am sure I will rescue and want to be able to offer a “forever home” to other animals if they make it clear to me that they choose to be apart of what we offer at 16 Hands of Love.

Through these blogs, I will be sharing how I began on my journey, all of the amazing miracles that have occurred since I found and pursued my passion and individual stories of each of the animals at the barn that show how they have made a difference in our world.

I thank each and every one of you in advance who take the time to read my blog and those who support 16 Hands of Love in whatever way their heart feels called to do.

You can learn more by visiting our website at www.16HandsofLove.org or our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/16handsoflove.  If you are interested in donating or volunteering, please contact me at Angela@16HandsofLove.org

You can donate via the “Animal Rescue / Donations” tab via our website, http://www.16handsoflove.org or via PayPal using email: Angela@16handsoflove.org or mail a check to our business address: 16 Hands of Love, 5019 Louise Street, Seabrook, TX 77586

Wishing you all well and sending peace and love!

Angela and the Herd at 16 Hands of Love




Author: Angela Hoover

16 Hands of Love was created out of my calling/desire to help the children I served as a teacher in a different way. When I was guided to leave teaching, I asked "what's next?" and was reminded of my desire to help others through the use of horses. I had the calling but was unaware of "how" it was going to unfold (or I thought I knew and was guided down a different path). I thought I would go back to graduate school and become a counselor and do traditional counseling and therapy with horses. Boy was I wrong, I followed my heart and ended up at Equinisity in Canada and was awakened on my spiritual path by the amazing horses and land there. I knew it was my "time" to awaken to my truth and am now being called to help with the awakening that is happening in our world. My passion lies in being outside in nature and in the company of horses while helping children, adults and families to become more heart centered and connected to nature.

2 thoughts on “Goats and Revelations”

  1. Angela, YOU and the precious and unique ‘herd’ are definitely living yawl’s purposes by sharing love, peace & healing to all who visit! I LOVED my time there the other day and continue to reground myself with the healing love & peace found there. Yawl are gifting the entire universe from the oasis you created to radiate ❤️ love! May you continually be a conduit for universal blessings and love.


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