“Here’s to Bailey! Our Sweet Goat Friend”

What a gift 2021 has already been to us. 

We’ve been able to both celebrate and honor the life and presence of sweet Bailey who choose to leave her physical form New Years Day 2021. 

The human part of us might choose to view this as a not so pleasant start to a new year but another side of me knows differently. Not saying it doesn’t hurt to loose them. But when you can see the gift in birth and death and know it’s their birthright as well as a death-right and that they have their highest good in their journey, a shift begins to occur. The hardest part for me is not having their physical presence. 

But sweet Bailey and I got to spend some alone time in my truck while waiting for the vet for the last time. And I got to sing some of my favorite songs to her, the one in particular that stood out was “Around the Stars We Go” by Paul Luftenegger and one thing it said was how in dying we are born into eternal life.

I felt Bailey’s spirit so strongly as she reassured me over and over again how this was her choice, and she did end up passing on her own with her head in my hands and both of us dreaming of tree and sun filled pastures. 

One thing I can say for sure is that she had so much love and prayers and support from us humans and her herd during her last couple days. We were all rooting for her and I told her if she had the will, we had the way. 
In the end she did have her will. 

I will always remember her quiet and calming spirit. And how in the first days of us meeting she was so unsure of her new home and I took the time to spend with her and reassure her she was safe and surrounded by love. 
The more I spoke the more she began to look me in the eye and it was that moment I saw the depth and beauty to her eyes. They were somehow more connected than some. 

They say it’s not the amount of time we have together but how we spend that. I’m grateful Bailey had all of the love she had and the moments she was with us I know she enjoyed. 

Her pal, Bella will miss her for sure but I know they are still playing in their own way as there is no time and space for animals so they can reconnect any time they wish. 

Thank you to everyone for all of your support in all ways. It’s been an active 4 days with multiple vet visits for her. 

I do want to be sure to give a shout out to Safari Vet Clinic in League City. They fit me in last minute every time, gave her the best care and even automatically give animal rescues a discount!!
THEN! To top it all off, on our last visit, which was a holiday for them, so they were closed, they met me there and helped me confirm there was nothing left to do and when I asked to pay they said it was NO CHARGE!!! 

I was truly so touched at their generosity and kindness. They spent their time off to see Bailey (which was almost an hour of their time) and gave their expertise and supplies and charged me nothing. 

That is the gift Bailey wants us to focus on in her passing….the generosity of the human race. This is truly a new year, a New Earth and a New Beginning. 

So 2021 is off to a beautiful start to us. Through a touching time, came miracles. And that is how the world truly is. Beautiful. Kind. Empathetic and Giving and so, so, so full of LOVE. 

Here’s To Bailey. 

We love and miss you sweet angel and know you’re just over the rainbow bridge anytime we want to connect with you. 

Til we meet again beautiful one. A’ho and Amen.


Author: Angela Hoover

16 Hands of Love was created out of my calling/desire to help the children I served as a teacher in a different way. When I was guided to leave teaching, I asked "what's next?" and was reminded of my desire to help others through the use of horses. I had the calling but was unaware of "how" it was going to unfold (or I thought I knew and was guided down a different path). I thought I would go back to graduate school and become a counselor and do traditional counseling and therapy with horses. Boy was I wrong, I followed my heart and ended up at Equinisity in Canada and was awakened on my spiritual path by the amazing horses and land there. I knew it was my "time" to awaken to my truth and am now being called to help with the awakening that is happening in our world. My passion lies in being outside in nature and in the company of horses while helping children, adults and families to become more heart centered and connected to nature.

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